What's said

The gyans of my life that I would love to pass on are the following:-

1.    Be Organised -


Whether it is your personal life, your own schedule or the way you conduct your business. Because being organised solves half of your problems. I not only plan my days but my weeks planning my month’s goal everything is set. As a business owner, there are so many responsibilities on you. So, if one doesn’t organise his/herself then you will find yourself to be lost, there will always be something that you will keep missing on or something very important might just skip your attention and most importantly in clearing up all this mess you will have no time for innovation at the end of the day. Your time consumption must also include some interaction with your employees, analysing data, etc., as well. Thus, keeping yourself and your organisation helps you to increase the efficiency of your company.


2.    Analyse data -


I think most people fail to use data, it's unbelievable that how come in this digital era people fail to use it. And when I say I don’t even mean the market research data but I’m speaking about the CRM only. Because of all being very active on social media and all digitally but very often we don’t analyse and collate them over and you will get answers to many of your questions.


3.    Use technology -


Technology is there in our present and is going to stay with us in our future as well. No matter whatever happens and whoever says anything but technology is your friend and it's going to be there. Whether it is the execution of your business or your marketing technology will differ as per the requirement of your business but as per your expertise, one must go on adopting accordingly.


4.    Get a mentor -


There are always a lot of people who are ready to help you. Since, if one is new like me in a business because it is their experience, their guidance and their expertise which helps you garnish your business in ways that you might have never thought of.


5. To learn continuously -


One needs to keep on learning by any which way, it may be by reading books, blogs or any article, it may also be by learning to podcasts or even watching a video helps you learn so many things. Because what I feel is learning always is not bookish like the ones we did in our schools and colleges. But it actually begins after your academic education once you enter this practical world.