What's said

For all the entrepreneurs my first hand experienced tips are as follows:-

Amongst all the first one being the most important one which I always ask others to do as well is -


  1. Focus on the long term:


The main big problem still persists to all becoming to grow too fast and too soon a) There is no harm in going too fast if you are able to build a system and process it for your company which is not normally possible. So, it's always better to have a sustainable growth rather than abnormal growth. Because you may just shoot up once but then there are chances of you to come crashing down as well.


2. Profitable growth:


Just burning money to show growth is not going to land you up anywhere. Because you must only burn money only when the model is good and stable to take you somewhere. Since burning money in a non-profitable business means nothing anymore.  Thus one needs to have a profitable business at the end of the day with a proper 2nd line of management.


3. Build a great team:


 You cannot grow alone, so you need to have people along with you who can help you  in the growth of your business. Do not forget to get on people with complementary skills as well.