What's said

Be ready to be the woman for what all it takes to be!

As per being a women entrepreneur time and again different questions and challenges keep coming especially from your child! 


I can just share a couple of tips from my own personal life:-


1. Prioritize your job - 


For me, my son is my priority & I try to be answerable to him without any delay. Even to questions like when other mothers can do work from home then why can’t you do that? To that I also make him understand very gently that listen son I run a business in which I’m providing lifestyle & livelihood to a handful of people. So, if I stop doing that then those 10 people lives will stop running. Therefore your mother is actually impacting a dozen people's life. So we should understand that even a child will realize your priorities if put up in the proper manner other then any guilt or fear. And past 7 years of being a mother, I have learned that no matter how much time you give to your child is not enough. 


2. Make schedules for your household events -


Whenever does my child ask me that mumma why don’t you just sit at home like other mothers I just tell him one thing that imagine if you had a sister and she has done higher education and after marriage, her children ask her the same question will you have the same answer to give her? So, at the age of six years, I’m proud that he is educated on the fact that even a girl has the right to go ahead & do what she feels like. 


3. Set alarms for your child practices -


You’ll start having questions once your child grows up saying that other children mothers don’t go out & work so why do you want to work? Or situations like they start demanding your more time & attention, saying that you don't come with me to my playgrounds. So, specifically for a mother and a young mother because this is this initial stage from 0 to 8/9 yrs when your child wants you to be a part of their upbringing. What I say to things like these that initial two years give to your child after that you really need to work towards becoming a smart mother and try to make your child understand why it's important for you to work. 


4. Reminders for your personal needs -


So, even if you become a full-time mother at home or rather it be a full-time businesswoman outside or even an employee. So, the thing is no matter whatever you are you just need to manage it all and play it smart! And this I have learned it from out of my hometown. I get my learnings done right from people living in nuclear families where they don’t even have joint family support. So, that the kids of their family are also educated of the fact when the parents are not at home then it is there play time & after play time you have to devote your time to your parents as well.


Thus, putting everything in place is the right solution otherwise you will just land yourself in the middle of a mess because when things are sorted then life becomes very easy and then only you can concentrate on your business.