What's said

Why should men have all the brains?

A friend of mine once said, "That a woman has the same amount of brains that a man has but we are taught to use it differently." She said it so beautifully that I have never forgotten to date and will always cherish it throughout my life!


As a women entrepreneur to start your own business or become one, there are just very few small things that I think you need to get them are:-


    1. Passion -


Passion towards anything teaching, music, cooking, baking, chocolates, candles, etc., any small idea which you can start at home and begin it with your very own capacity. Believe me, you don’t require major funding. It’s just something that you do on your own for yourself. If you’re passionate about it believe you me there is no stopping you because your ambitions will always make you perform better & perfection will slowly & steadily make it fall in place. And when perfection comes client satisfaction is there and when client satisfaction starts pouring in it will speak on its own about your brand loyalty. And once brand loyalty is built word of mouth starts spreading. Once people start talking about your brand you can start believing that it's working.

Therefore, passion is the key, if you think it to be that one thing in which you are good at.


Ask yourself, What am I good at? You will have your answer right there within you! And once you get that answer just dive into it.


    2. Learning -


Even after becoming an entrepreneur your learning never stops. You need to go on brushing your skills no matter whichever business you cater to. There is never an end to learn you just go on learning new things each & every day. So, if you want to be a leader you have to lead it from the front! Because every successful person is learning because they know if they don’t enhance they will stagnate.


    3. Ability to accept your mistakes - 


No one likes to do it but everyone has made many mistakes in their lives including me. I myself have a big list of bad debts and that is what I think is heroic i.e, not to give up on your mistakes and don’t sit with that. Learn the good out of the bad things only then will you progress.


    4. Start with the small lot -

No, you don’t have to think that it will require too much of anything time or capacity. Just start with the little things you can do initially on your own. Measure yourself in one year from the point you started where are you one/two years down the line. Set small targets, you can also review your performances during small durations as well. As you all know that millions of small drops make an ocean!