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What are the formulas for a successful SME?

Don't get disappointed on early failures for which one should always follow these steps:-



1. Learn from others' mistakes -

See everybody makes early mistakes and I still make so many mistakes every day. But you alone can not do all mistakes. So, learning from others' mistakes is a mastery that you need to start practicing for saving your time & energy.



2. Read books -

It will take you to the cutting edge of your business. So, always be updated on your association for the cause of your life. Once you can do that then magic happens and people start relating to you organically.



3. Write about business -

Every SME nowadays has their own website so they can just start writing their own blogs. I started writing my blogs in 2006. Because maybe today no one is searching for you but 10 to 12 years down the line people will search about you and your business. And if at that moment you are not present online then that part of the history is gone. Thus, presence across digital marketing (SEO) is very important more important then you can think of especially when it comes for free.



4. Digital Marketing -

You can also build up your digital marketing without any budget. As I said just take the 1st step you need to start, slowly & steadily it starts spreading. Thus, there is no funding required for your start-up if you know how to start it up from scratch. Because if you see in my case even after good revenues I started getting funding recently. Since blogging needs no money and that contributes to your SEO majorly. Other than blogging, a youtube channel, twitter and other social media platforms just adds-on.



5. Some ethical Avant-Garde -

Other then the above-listed tips, there are a lot of other things that one needs to do like being humble, down to earth, because making good money with a bad attitude is not at all a good combination. Along with it always speaking the truth, honesty & integrity to be maintained always.